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Shrek JR
$1,750 entire set

Shrek, Donkey, Fiona.jpeg

Shrek, Donkey, & Fiona

Shrek JR.jpg

INVENTORY coming soon!



Duloc Dancers.jpeg

Duloc Dancers

Capt and Farquaad.jpeg

Capt of Guards & Farquaad

Pinocchio & Gingy.jpeg

Pinocchio & Gingy

Ogre family.jpeg

Ogre Family

Three Fionas.jpeg

Young, Teen, & Fiona

Duloc Guards.jpeg

Duloc Guards

Three Bears.jpeg

The Three Bears


The Three Pigs


Pinocchio, Mad Hatter, Captain Hook, Wicked Witch

Knights with Dragon scare Donkey.jpeg

Knights (costumed as Skeletons) with Donkey & Dragon

Cast Photo.jpeg

CAST of Shrek JR, presented by Treehouse Theater

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