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Costumes are FLEXIBLE IN SIZING,  using elastic wherever possible. Renters may TEMPORARILY alter (using pins or darts) items, but these MUST BE removed prior to cleaning and return shipment.

Is your actor larger/smaller than ours was?  Not to worry; many of our sets offer ALTERNATIVE SIZES

Rent our FULL SETS or INDIVIDUAL costumes ** priority given to FULL SET rentals

Rental Prices DO NOT include SECURITY DEPOSIT  ~ full payment for RENTAL AND SECURITY DEPOSIT is required in order to secure your rental

$350 for Toto puppet

$1,450 / set

Moana JR.png
Aladdin Jr logo.png

$1,950 / set

FN JR logo.jpg
LK horizontal.jpg

$1,250 / set

$1,750 / set

willy wonka jr.jpg
frozen jr logo - no cartoon characters.j
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